The 325th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 12 December 2002 through 8 January 2003.

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  • Guess Who? - Dandified favourite uncle or doomy hobo ani-hero? Our very own ham-fisted bun vendor Gareth Roberts pulls a few strings and extinguishes a few myths as he conducts an examination into the men behind the pomp and theatricality of Doctors Three and Four...

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  • "I was frustrated at not being allowed to finish what I started" - "Carrot juice, Carrot juice!" A Big Finish for the Sixth Doctor? Hardly! In the final part of our mammoth interview Colin Baker - Voice permitting! - tells Ben Cook about life after Doctor Who. Oh and Doctor Who after Doctor Who.
  • Courtney loves... - Cybermen, saxophones and all that jazz! Silver Nemesis guest star Courtney Pine tells DWM about the day his childhood dream came true, and music that saved the world!

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  • Additional article - Please Release Me! Direct the Doctor's DVD Destiny - DWM DVD Poll
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