The 322nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 14 November through 11 December 2002.

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  • Inset article - Being Benny, interview with Lisa Bowerman
  • Inset article - in a spin?; Those also-rans in the Doctor Who companion spin-off stakes
  • The Web Planet - Second instalment of sites which are "worth a detour" as the Michelin guide would say. This instalment looking at sites which have focused on an essential part of the Doctor Who experience and done a justice in their own way.

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  • "It wasn't me that Grade was after, it was JN-T..." - With hiatus behind them, the Doctor Who team begin work on a ground-breaking season that will cement the Sixth Doctor in the public's affections and put the show back at the top of the ratings! Colin Baker tells Benjamin Cook what went wrong...
  • J'adore Kaldor! - Storm mine survivor Russell Hunter tells Alan Stevens about rebellious robots, drinking with the Doctor and catching up with Kaldor City, 25 years later...

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