The 322nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 17 October through 13 November 2002. Clayton Hickman got a letter from W.H Smiths about putting a Vervoid on the cover.

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  • Nudge, nudge, wink, wink - Postmodernism in Doctor Who? No! Don't run away! It all makes sense, honest and you don't need a PHD to read it! Join Lance Parkin as he investigates the show's penchant for plundering popular culture - and for laughing at itself...

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  • "Grade really did throw a spanner in my works..." - 'Dr Who axed in BBC Plot!'...'Broke BBC shelve Dr Who!...'Dr Who down-graded!'...Shock! Horror! Doctor Who is dead! Sort of! 18 month hiatus! Storm of controversy! Colin Baker talks to Benjamin Cook about the truth behind the headlines.
  • Inset article - Dear Doctor Who (Take Two)...

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