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The 278th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 6 May 1999 and removed from British newsstands on 2 June 1999. This was the last issue to use the diamond Doctor Who logo for the magazine's logo which had been in use since issue 170 in 1991.

This issue also advertised the airing of the Comic Relief Doctor Who parody The Curse of Fatal Death, for 1999's Red Nose Day. It billed Rowan Atkinson as the "ninth Doctor", though he was portraying a version of the Doctor not considered a valid descendant of Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor. That distinction would go to John Hurt as the War Doctor, who played the ninth incarnation of the Doctor to exist, while the actual title of Ninth Doctor would be given to Christopher Eccleston when the series returned in 2005.



Comic content[]


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Regular features[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters)
  • The life & times of Jackie Jenkins


Editor: Gary Gillatt & Alan Barnes
Design: Peri Godbold

Additional details[]

  • This is the last magazine to have the "diamond" logo as part of the Doctor Who Magazine title.