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The 267th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 2 July 1998 and removed from British newsstands on 29 July 1998.



  • Spiking the canon - A human being called "Doctor Who"? The alien Voord evolving into Cybermen? TARDIS seatbelts? A Ninth Doctor? What do these people think they're doing to our carved-in-stone preconceptions of what makes "proper" Doctor Who - and how can we stop them, asks Steve Lyons...
  • The Fanzine Trap - Operated by Ed Salt

Comic content[]

The DWM Archive[]

By Andrew Pixley

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • "Shipshape and Bristol Fashion" - Barbara Clegg was one of only three women to write Doctor Who on television. Peter Griffiths asks Enlightenment's writer to rummage through her memories...
  • "We Are Time's Champion" - Love him or hate him New Adventures prime mover Paul Cornell is the author most often credited with giving Doctor Who novels a radical nineties edge - but, asks Dave Owen, is the Doctor Who developed by Cornell and his contemporaries so far removed from its TV roots that it's no longer 'the real thing'?

Shelf Life[]

Reviews by Dave Owen

Regular features[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters)
  • The life & times of Jackie Jenkins


Editor: Gary Gillatt
Assistant Editor: Alan Barnes
Design: Peri Godbold

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