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The 254th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 3 July through 30 July 1997.



  1. Causing the deaths of countless millions in the mindless pursuit of power for its own sake
  2. Reckless meddling with the causal nexus of time itself, etc
  3. The employment of a series of ludicrous disguises to fraudulent ends
  4. Going "heh heh heh" a lot, usually when about to execute your latest not-so-cunning plan
  5. Being a bit rubbish, frankly
  • For the Prosecution - Slapdash, shameless and superficial: Philip MacDonald begs the jury to throw away the key...
Includes inset article - Ten silly Master moments
  • For the Defence - Charming, charismatic and cerebral: Paul N Ryder presents a plea for clemency
Includes inset article - The best Master scene ever
  • Manopticon 5

Comic content[]

The DWM Archive[]

By Andrew Pixley

The Telesnap Archive[]

Compiled by Matthew Pereira

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • Out of the TARDIS - Playing San Francisco street urchin Chang Lee in last year's TV Movie, Yee Jee Tso was last sighted skipping into the sunset clutching a bag of gold dust. Now he's back - and it's about time he faced up to the challenge posed by 20 all-new questions from the TARDIS tin.
  • Five Go Adventuring again - Doctor Who's 20th anniversary special was probably the most ambitious assignment given Peter Moffatt, the series' most prolific eighties director. Peter Griffiths listens in as he recalls the making of The Five Doctors, plus Sixth Doctor debut The Twin Dilemma - and a second Doctors crossover...
  • Pincer Movement - Bar a few scant seconds of footage uncovered in Australia last year, the off-air telesnaps of The Macra Terror remain the best visual recording of this lost Troughton serial. Hoping to shed some light on the story's production Peter Griffiths tracked down original director John Davies.

Shelf Life[]

Reviews by Dave Owen

Regular features[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters)
  • The life & times of Jackie Jenkins
  • The Fanzine Trap - OPerated by Ed Salt


Additional details[]

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