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The 252nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 8 May through 4 June 1997. It was a tribute issue released following the recent death of Terry Nation, paying respects to the brainchild of the Daleks.



  • Dalek - Sandwiched between "Dalecarlian" and "Daliesque" in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary lies the byword for terror and oppression that Terry Nation gave the language. Martin Wiggins assesses the life and career of the late writer without whom Doctor Who might not have lasted 33 weeks, let alone 33 years.
  • Licence to Kill - Ishtar, the terrible Hoothi, the cruel and chitinous Chelonians...Some of the Doctor's most fearsome adversaries have been bred behind a chrome and glass facade in London's Ladbroke Grove. But no more. As Virgin Publishing's New Adventures bid farewell to a certain Time Lord, Matthew Jones uncovered their plans for a Doctorless future...
  • Do you know this man? - In the final part of Question Marks, Philip MacDonald continues to investigate the Doctor's identity - and wonders if he is truly greater than the sum of his parts...

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By Andrew Pixley

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Compiled by Matthew Pereira

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Reviews by Dave Owen

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Editor: Gary Gillatt
Assistant Editor: Alan Barnes
Designer: Michael Yeowell, Gary Gillatt

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