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The 249th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 13 February 1997 and removed from British newsstands on 12 March 1997.



  • "Deep in Hyperspace is planet Skaro..." - Feature on The Dalek Chronicles, new feature comic strip
  • To be continued... - Much of broadcast Doctor Who's edge-of-the-seat appeal derived from its cliffhangers; unresolved end-of-episode action which kept us coming back for more. Alan Barnes and Peter Ware uncover the fine art of the cliffhanging...
Includes: And cut it...NOW! - The 10 greatest Doctor Who cliffhangers ever!

Comic content[]


By Andrew Pixley

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • "I am what I am..." - The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs: The Final Chapter.
  • Out of the TARDIS! - As Zoe, Wendy Padbury travelled with the Second Doctor until he was put on trial by the Time Lords. She now faces her own inquisition, as she dips into the TARDIS tin...
  • Return to Zenda - Doctor Who producer Graham Williams' second season proved remarkable: a series of stories bound by a common thread - an intergalactic search for the fabulous Key to Time. In the second part of this previously unpublished tête-à-tête with the late producer, originally conducted in 1984, Philip Newman uncovers a saga of ice princesses and swamp monsters, scuppered movies - and Daleks...

Shelf Life[]

Reviews by Dave Owen

Regular features[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters)
  • Crazy Caption!
  • Fluid Links - The hero that failed by Matthew Jones


Editor: Gary Gillatt
Assistant Editor: Alan Barnes
Designer: Paul Vyse

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