The 247th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 19 December 1996 and had a cover date of 15 January 1997.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Articles[edit | edit source]

  • The mourning after...: A Gallifrey Guardian Special Feature - Part Two Come on Grace, we've got work to do... Gary Gillatt concludes our thought-provoking and exhaustive look at the current status of Doctor Who, and considers the hurdles the series must overcome before it can return to our screens...
  • The Celestial Toymaker's Game of the Year! A frantic race through 1996 for 2 to 4 players, age 5 and up!
  • Readers' Survey
  • 20 distressingly common misconceptions about Doctor Who... - By Steve Lyons and Chris Howarth

Comic content[edit | edit source]

Archives[edit | edit source]

By Andrew Pixley

Interviews / Profiles[edit | edit source]

  • Out of the TARDIS! - Sylvester McCoy played the Seventh Doctor for the series' last three years on BBC television in the 1980s, and briefly reprised the role in the 1996 TV Movie/ DWM visited the Doctor's longest-serving incarnation to present him with perhaps the greatest challenge - the TARDIS tin...
  • Send in the Clowns! - The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs: Chapter Eleven - Season Twenty-Five

Shelf Life[edit | edit source]

Reviews by Dave Owen

Regular features[edit | edit source]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters)
  • Crazy Caption!
  • Fluid Links - Kid's stuff? by Matthew Jones

Credits[edit | edit source]

Santa: Gary Gillatt
Santa's little helper: Alan Barnes
Christmas cracker: Paul Vyse

Additional details[edit | edit source]

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