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The 243rd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 29 August 1996 and removed from British newsstands on 25 September 1996.



  • Temporal Orbits - Steve Lyons looks at the rules of time travel and how they (sometimes) apply to Doctor Who
  • Back Issues - Feature advertisement
  • Down your way... - Back in Issue 236, we made an appeal for details of Doctor Who fan clubs, associations, and social groups around the world. We received dozens of replies, from Seattle to Sheffield; so now Gary Gillatt introduces our as-exhaustive-as-possible guide to the heartlands and grass-roots of Doctor Who fandom...

Comic content[]


By Andrew Pixley

Telesnap archives[]

Compiled by Matthew Pereira

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • Highland fling! - With 22 stories under his kilt, Frazer Hines, aka Jamie McCrimmon, holds the distinction of having appeared in more episodes of Doctor Who than any other companion - indeed, in more than four of the Doctors! Steve Lyons and Chris Howarth talked to him about his years as the "hairy-legged highlander"...
  • Out of the TARDIS! - Philip Segal was born and raised in Essex before his family emigrated to San Diego, California, in 1974. He is now joint head of Lakeshore Television, a Doctor Who fan, he successfully lobbied the BBC to allow him to produce a new Doctor Who TV film. The result, starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, hit the TV screens of the world earlier.
  • The Nightmare man - In the sixties and seventies, the nation squirmed with terror as the Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Autons took over our TV sets. Peter Griffiths talks to the man who directed each of their debuts - Derek Martinus.

Shelf Life[]

Reviews by Dave Owen

Regular features[]

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters) - Including 'The Hit Parade'
  • Crazy Caption!


Editor: Gary Gillatt
Assistant Editor: Scott Gray
Designer: Paul Vyse

Additional details[]

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