The 240th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 6 June 1996 and removed from British newsstands on 3 July 1996. While images of the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS had appeared in previous issues, this was the first issue to have the interior of the TARDIS from the TV movie on the cover.

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  • Executive decisions - The Doctor's most important ally in the last seven years has been Philip Segal, one of the executive producers of the new TV movie. While on location in Vancouver, Gary Gillatt spoke to him about his efforts to return the Time Lord to our screens...
  • Coincidental Music - Compiled by The Monitor
  • Things to do in San Francisco when you're dead. - After seven long years Doctor Who is back. But is it what we've been waiting for? DWM editor Gary Gillatt takes a closer look...
  • The 1996 Doctor Who Magazine Survey Results! - Including 'The Hit Parade'

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By Andrew Pixley

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Compiled by Matthew Pereira

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Reviews by Dave Owen

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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Timelines (Letters) - Including 'The Hit Parade'
  • Crazy Caption!

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Editor: Gary Gillatt
Assistant Editor: Scott Gray
Editorial Assistant: Alan Barnes
Designer: Paul Vyse
Assistant Designer: Daniel Rachel
Production: Mark Irvine & Andrew Parslow
Marketing Manager: Miles Stevens-Hoare
Art Director: Helen Nally
Managing Editor: Alan O'Keefe
Managing Director: Richard Maskell

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to be added

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