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The 218th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 29 September 1994 and removed from British newsstands on 26 October 1994.



  • The Doomsday Contract - In this issue, The Missing Stories examines the Season Seventeen submission by John Lloyd, perhaps best known now as the producer of light entertainment shows such as Not the Nine O'Clock News, Black Adder and Spitting Image. Working from discussions with Lloyd, and notes the author made in early 1979, Richard Bignell presents the first part of an exclusive examination of The Doomsday Contract. Illustrations by Richard Farrell.
  • What the Censor Saw - Doctor Who held a unique place in British broadcasting history - a successful family programme with one of the broadest and most diverse appeals of any television drama. As the programme's cult popularity grew its appeal became more selective and concerns of censorship became perhaps less pressing. However, while its audience was large and defiant of simple categorisation, an acceptable portrayal of violence and brutality was never arrived at. In the first part of a new series, Marcus Hearn examines some of the things we didn't get to see...

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By Andrew Pixley

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Compiled by Matthew Pereira

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • The Galactic Orphan - The Master destroyed her step-mother, her father and the world she grew up on was blotted out forever. Frankly Nyssa of Traken didn't have the easiest of lives, and her travels in the TARDIS took her from the mathematical purity of Logopolis to the leprous Terminus, at the centre of the universe. Jane Walker talks to actress Sarah Sutton who reveals, "I actually did like Nyssa very much..."
  • Peter Cushing: The Forgotten Doctor - Marcus Hearn looks back at the life and career of the late Peter Cushing - an unforgettable television and film star whose masterful interpretations of characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who are often overlooked.
  • The Real McCoy: Part Three - Nick Briggs talks to the man who might just turn out to be the last actor to play the Doctor. This issue, Sylvester McCoy picks up the thread at the beginning of his second season, by which time he was 'getting there'.
  • Roy Castle OBE - Marcus Hearn recounts his personal memories of the man Sir Harry Secombe recently described as "the best of us". Roy Castle, the big screen's Ian Chesterton.

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Editorial: Gary Russell & Marcus Hearn
Design: Peri Godbold
Production: Julie Pickering, Mark Irvine & Irfan.

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