The 203rd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 5 August 1993 and removed from British newsstands on 1 September 1993.

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By Andrew Pixley

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  • Directing Who - David Maloney - In this final part of his interview with Doctor Who's most prolific living director, Marcus Hearn talks to David Maloney about some of the best remembered, and most controversial, Doctor Who ever made.
  • Acting the Part: Carmen Silvera - Carmen Silvera spent much of the Eighties as the perpetual butt of Gordon Kaye's jokes in the popular sitcom Allo 'Allo. Long before this, though, she guest starred in some of the most bizarre Doctor Who episodes ever made. Stephen O'Brien picks not just any card.
  • The Ice Lord of Mars - Andy Leonard and Mark Crowder track down three-time Ice Lord Alan Bennion, who reveals the tribulations of life inside a pregnant reptile...
  • Soundhouse - Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt's interviews with the key sound maestros of the Doctor Who world continue. Liz Parker, the composer of the soon-to-be released score of Timelash, reveals that whatever technology you use, it's got to be funky...

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Reviews by Craig Hinton

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Editorial: Gary Russell, Marcus Hearn
Design: Peri Godbold
Production: Chris, Jules 'n' Mat
Co-ordination: Louise Cassell
Promotions: Fiona Moscatelli
Editor-in-Chief: Paul Neary

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