The 195th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 24 December 1992 and had a cover date of 20 January 1993. It was the first issue of the publication not to have John Nathan-Turner on staff since the last weekly-published edition.



  • Lecture Weekends - This past Autumn, two more Doctor Who lecture weekends organised by Teynham Productions Limited took place. Here, Mike Lewis remembers the event at Bristol, whilst Alan Beadnell takes a look at the one in Canterbury. Austen Atkinson-Broadbelt took pictures.
  • Into 1993 - As 1992 draws to a close, Marcus Hearn takes a look back over the last twelve months and discovers why, despite no new Doctor Who on television, it has been a good year for Who fans.
  • Into 1993 Readers' Survey

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Crippled Editor: Gary Russell
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