The 194th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 26 November 1992 and removed from British newsstands on 23 December 1992.

It brought to a close John Nathan-Turner's formal involvement with the magazine. From almost the dawn of the magazine, he had been the formal "advisor" to DWM, a fact which coloured readers' impressions of coverage of the "JNT era".

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  • What the Papers Said - Marcus Hearn investigates the press coverage surrounding the Romana/Fourth Doctor era of the show.
  • Merchandise: The 1992 Mix - David J. Howe offers his annual exploration of the year's merchandise plus a sneak into what the early part of the New Year will have to offer!
  • A Foreign Country - As BBC Home Video launch The Aztecs, Philip MacDonald takes a look at the role of the purely historical adventures in the early days of Doctor Who.

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Reviews by Gary Russell.

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  • Four free postcards attached.
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