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The 186th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released in 16 April 1992 and removed from British newsstands on 13 May 1992. It began Gary Russell's tenure as editor.

Staff writer Marcus Hearn's "What the Papers Said" series began in this issue. It was, at the time, an innovative feature, shining a spotlight on press coverage of Doctor Who. The idea would be aped, decades later, by 2|entertain, who used the format on some later DVD documentaries.



  • What the papers said - Marcus Hearn begins a series of articles examining the way in which the British press have reviewed and considered Doctor Who over the past twenty-nine years. This issue, the Hartnell era...
  • The Hartnell Years - Jeremy Bentham, author of Doctor Who: The Early Years, takes us on a trip back to the Totters Lane junkyard through to the snowy wastes of the Antarctic.
  • After File: The Sea Devils - By Nicholas Briggs
  • Resistance is Useless - 3 January 1992 saw the first transmission of the first serious documentary-style examination of Doctor Who on BBC Television in fifteen years. Made by the BBC's Music and Arts Department, Resistance is Useless was greeted warmly by its UK audience, although some viewers found the linking material, by an animated anorak, a little offensive! Jamie Woolley tracked the programme's director Archie Lauchlan down for a chat about the retrospective genius.

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Gary Russell takes another sojourn through technology and cyberspace with all the finesse of a tricycle with two flat tires and only a couple of CDs, videos and Andrew Cartmel's first novel to help him...

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  • Four postcards attached to magazine.