The 18th issue of Doctor Who Weekly had a cover date of 13 February 1980.

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  • The Monsters of Doctor Who: The Mandrels

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  • None

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  • None

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Also featuring[edit | edit source]

  • Crazy Caption Competition (£5 to be won)
  • Who Cares! (Letters Page)

Additional details[edit | edit source]

  • The cover photograph shows the Mandrels from TV: Nightmare of Eden.
  • Additional Input: (From DWW 29 Gallifrey Guardian) RE: Photo-File Jackie Lane. (Wrong life history given!) Born in Manchester, Jackie was introduced to the Doctor Who series by producer John Wiles, with whom she worked in the early years of her career. After leaving Doctor Who, Jackie took a break from acting and after working in Paris for a spell in the antique business ended up working as an artist's agent.
  • Published every Thursday, this issue had a cover price of 12p (UK).
  • This week's "Who Cares" letters page includes a letter from one Matthew Waterhouse, only two months before he was contracted to play Adric.[1]
  • The cover misspelt Mandrels as Mandrells.
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