The 167th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 1 November through 28 November 1990. The first Brief Encounter story appeared, a series of extremely brief short stories ran frequently in the magazine until issue 214.

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  • A Brief Encounter by John Lucarotti and illustrated by Colin Howard. Though untitled in this issue, it gained the title The Meeting from its reprint in the 1997 Doctor Who Yearbook. Because the feature debuted in this issue, and readers were unfamiliar with the prose masthead, some contemporary readers thought that Brief Encounter was the title of the story, a name by which this particular tale still is referred.

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  • None this issue

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  • Matrix Data Bank (Questions and Answers)
  • Beyond the TARDIS (Who is doing what by Dominic May)
  • Gallifrey Guardian (News)
  • You on Who (Letters)
  • Data Coils (now incorporating pen-pals and events listing)
  • 'Doctor Who?' by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett (comic strip)
  • 'Nix' by Nick Miller (cartoon)
  • Dont quote me on this ... (mentions of 'Who' in strange places)

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“For you the sentence is harder ... you have to live"

Taiyn <sic>, Abslom Daak - Dalek Killer

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