The 164th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was a watershed issue. It began a kind of "third age" of DWM publication.

Initially, the magazine had been weekly. Then it moved to a monthly publication. With DWM #164 it moved to quad-weekly releases. This meant that subscribers would receive thirteen issues a year, not just twelve.

It also changed the meaning of the cover date. With this issue, cover dates were not just given in terms of months, but precise dates. However, these dates were emphatically not publication dates — they were expiration dates. The cover date was much more significant to the retailer than the consumer: it referred to the day retailers should have removed it from their shelves. In other words, the cover date of "8 September 1990" meant that on 9 September 1990, DWM #165 hit the news stands. The issue "published in September 1990" was therefore #165 — not this one.

DWM #164 was also notable for fans of the DWM comic strip. From this issue and for several years, the comic strip's narrative continuity was deliberately intertwined with that of the Virgin New Adventures line of novels. (Winter 1993)

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  • 'The Two Nervous Breakdowns' (Part 2 of 2) Gary Downie (Production Manager) concludes his article on overseas filming with the actual recording of the show...The Two Doctors.

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“What's happening, Doctor?"

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