The 163rd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was published with an August 1990 cover date. It was the final issue to bear solely a month for a cover date until DWM 450 in September of 2012.

It is notable for being first the issue of the magazine to not have a non-gag comic story. It would be followed by DWM 261, 354, and 553 through 555.

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Comic content[edit | edit source]

  • Comic Assassins: The Five Doctors by Kev F & Stanton who get their teeth into the 20th anniversary special [now] on video.

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  • None this issue

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Also featuring[edit | edit source]

  • Matrix Data Bank (Questions and Answers)
  • Beyond the TARDIS (Who is doing what by Dominic May)
  • Gallifrey Guardian (News)
  • You on Who (Letters)
  • Data Coils (now incorporating pen-pals and events listing)
  • Doctor Who? by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett
  • Untitled Nix View story by Nick Miller (cartoon)
  • Dont quote me on this ... (mentions of 'Who' in strange places)
  • Competition: 3 questions to win a BSB satellite dish system.

Random quote[edit | edit source]

“Then there's the terrible Zodin ..."

The Doctor, The Five Doctors

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Additional details[edit | edit source]

  • Additional Input from DWM 165: Letters: Kevin Burridge replied to point out that the Guiness Book of records lists the first demonstration of a video recorder on June 24th 1963 at Alexandra Palace, London, by the BBC. As David Howe points out this issue, all Doctor Who's were recorded onto video. The hunt for missing episodes continue ... Episode Guide: Remembrance of the Daleks Part One tx. 5/10/88, not 15/10/88. Roll on Season Twenty-Seven when our sub editors can miss even more obvious errors ...
  • Additional Input from DWM 166: Letters: In our brave attempts to 'date' the comic strips, we wrongly stated that Train-Flight followed Season Twenty-Six. In fact, to allow for the stories which appeared in The Incredible Hulk Presents, Teenage Kicks is the first DWM fiction to follow Survival. I'm sure that's as clear as mud ...
  • Teenage Kicks is reprinted as part of the The Mark of Mandragora (graphic novel) by Virgin Publishing.
  • This issue priced £1.50 (UK) featured an Axon on the cover from The Claws of Axos.
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