The 162nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of July 1990.

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“I think perhaps your logic is wearing a little thin ..."

The Doctor, The Tomb of the Cybermen

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  • The contents page lists this issues comic story as Doctor Conqueror - and not Doctor Conkerer! - missing the pun!
  • This issue priced £1.50 (UK) featured on the cover, Sophie Aldred as Ace photographed by Steve Cook at Crystal Palace Park, London.
  • Additional Input: from DWM 164 Episode Guide: Paradise Towers had one day's location recording at a swimming pool at Elmswell House, Chalfont Street, Giles, Bucks in May 1987, as stated (aside from a gremlin number transposition) in the Location Guide. In the Nostalgia Feature: the diary extracts for Marco Polo were transmitted these were simply not used in the novelisation. This is all David Richardson's fault, may he walk in the Gobi Desert forever.
  • Ace is reintroduced as the Seventh Doctor's travelling companion in the text story Living in the Past, which also forms a part of the graphic novel The Mark of Mandragora by Virgin Publishing.
  • The strip story Doctor Conkerer! was originally intended to appear in the ill fated The Incredible Hulk Presents issue 13!
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