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The 161st issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of June 1990.



  • 'Those Radio Times' by Brian J. Robb An overview of the BBC's Doctor Who coverage over the the last twenty-seven years.

Comic content[]


Interviews / Profiles[]

Preview / Reviews - Off the Shelf[]

  • None this issue

Page Pin-ups[]

Also featuring[]

  • Matrix Data Bank (Questions and Answers)
  • Beyond the TARDIS (Who is doing what by Dominic May)
  • Gallifrey Guardian (News)
  • You on Who (Letters)
  • Data Coils (now incorporating pen-pals and events listing)
  • Doctor Who? by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett
  • Untitled Nix View story by Nick Miller (cartoon)

Random quote[]

“All it takes is a glib tongue ..."

The Doctor in The Masque of Mandragora


Additional details[]

  • The Matrix Data Bank includes a listing of the nineteen televised occasions of the Doctor singing.
  • This issue's Archive Feature is the first with an extended Factfile in which Andrew Pixley explores the production and broadcasting of the story in more depth.
  • Additional Input from DWM 162: Mistakenly being related to DWM Issue 162! Episode Guide: 7B ran for four parts, not three. 7C, Parts Nine to Twelve is four not two. For Thirteen, Robert Holmes is script writer, Pip and Jane Baker Part Fourteen. Eric Saward was script editor on Part Thirteen Only. In the Archive Feature The Masque of Mandragora: Part Four achieved 23rd position in the Top Hundred with 10.6m viewers.
  • Additional Input from DWM 165: In the Episode Guide the number of episodes was wrong; Part Nine to Twelve is obviously three parts, not two, and the quote used to head Into the Vortex (the random quote from the contents page) did come from The Masque of Mandragora.