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The 154th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of November 1989.



  • 'Strip!' by Michael Bonner (2 of 3) - With the Doctor Who comic strip approaching its twenty-fifth anniversary, a look at comic strip history from 1979, the early years of Marvel, up to 1983.
  • 'Myth Making' - Keith Barnfather and Nicholas Briggs talk about Reeltime Pictures and their Doctor Who Myth Makers video releases celebrating the company's fifth anniversary.

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Page Pin-ups[]

  • The Fourth Doctor and Dalek at Television centre for a publicity shoot (the same photo as used on the cover of DWM 1 in full without the cut around)
  • The Third and Second Doctors back-to-back outside the TARDIS from The Three Doctors

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Additional details[]

  • Additional input from DWM 156: The comment in the Strip! feature regarding the TV series which "induced feelings of monumental indifference to me" should have been attributed to Steve Parkhouse (not Steve Moore), as was the writing of End of the Line. In the David Fisher interview - The Troubleshooters ran for six seasons not four. The Creature from the Pit was filmed before the story A Gamble with Time, which was aborted because of personal reasons. The 'Hammer Horrors' referred to were episodes of Hammer House of Horrors (edited by Anthony Read) and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. The accompanying picture in the Episode Guide that many were unable to identify came from an unscreened part of The Stones of Blood.

Place the picture

  • Additional input from DWM 158: The picture in the Episode Guide (see right) was actually taken during the filming of the 100th story (The Stones of Blood) and was NOT from a cut scene but rather set up by Visual Effects Designer Mat Irvine and taken by a visitor.
  • This was the Tenth Anniversary issue of Doctor Who Magazine. The new forty-page format included four extra colour pages and was priced £1.50 (UK).
  • This issue came with a free fold out poster featuring the Fourth Doctor and the Sontarans.
  • A special signing event on 21 October attended by Sylvester McCoy, John Nathan-Turner, Kevin Clarke, Dave Gibbons, Lee Sullivan and Alister Pearson was held at the Cafe Munchen, St Giles High Street, London. For a special Tenth Anniversary Souvenir Edition.
  • The contents page features a letter from the (Seventh) Doctor (dated Paztenm ber 42nd 1845)- a nod to the first issue featuring the Fourth Doctor (the Doctor's signature remains the same!).
  • Rather disappointingly, for a magazine now celebrating ten years, Gallifrey Guardian (news) leads with the news that Season 27 has not yet been confirmed. Indeed, the review of Survival marks the last new Doctor Who for several years to come.
  • You on Who letters page prints complaints about the cost for pen-pals in the new Data Coils column, which is no longer a free service. As a result of feedback, the previous price of 90p per word is maintained for all listings except pen-pals, which is reduced to 50p per word.
  • The Nemesis of the Daleks comic strip drops the 'Episode' tag.
  • The Daleks shown on the cover photograph by Steve Cook are supplied by Alistair Lock and Steven Allen.