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The 151st issue of Doctor Who Magazine was published in August 1989.








Also featuring[]

  • Matrix Data Bank (Questions and Answers)
  • Beyond the TARDIS (Who is doing what by Dominic May)
  • Gallifrey Guardian (News)
  • Rel Time (Events listing)
  • You on Who (Letters)
  • Data Coils (Pen-pals)
  • Doctor Who? by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett
  • Nick's View by Nick Miller (cartoon)
  • Competition - Tom Baker Mythmaker video review plus 10 signed copies to win!

Random Quote[]

"What are you a Doctor in, exactly?"

"Practically everything ..."

Liz Shaw and the Third Doctor, Spearhead from Space


Additional details[]

  • Additional Input (from DWM 152): Location Guide for The Sea Devils, BBC2 should read BBC3 and filming location for the emergence from the sea was filmed at the easterly point of the Isle of Man not westerly point of Whitecliffe Bay.
  • Additional Input (from DWM 153): Location Guide for The Curse of Fenric should include filming at Lulworth Cove in April 1989 and Warmwell Quarry - both in Dorset. In the Fall Guy feature because of costs, the company HAVOC were last used in The Sea Devils but Terry Walsh then became the regular stunt and fight arranger on the show. Photo credits for the The Mind of Evil should have been attributed to The Sea Devils
  • This issue is priced £1.25 (UK). Featured on the cover: the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) in trouble with Delilah (Judith Hibbert) from The Ultimate Adventure.
  • The editorial states that changes are coming from issue DWM 154 and this issue begins a number of new features.
  • In the Gallifrey Guardian, Dominic May begins his regular Beyond the TARDIS column which, still around in 2011, makes Dominic the longest regular contributor to the magazine!
  • Also heralding a new feature of the magazine is the appearance of original fiction.
  • On Location is a new ongoing series that seeks to map out UK (and Europe) filming locations for Doctor Who. The collected articles will later go on to be reprinted in one of the Doctor Who Summer Special titles.
  • Paul Vyse provides the illustration to accompany the article on the unmade The Nightmare Fair recently novelised by Target Books.