The 144th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of January 1989.

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  • Twenty-Five Years of Turkeys - A look back at some of the less memorable moments in Doctor Who! (illustrated by Nick Miller.)
    1. The Twin Dilemma
    2. The Underwater Menace
    3. The Space Museum
    4. The Horns of Nimon
    5. Underworld
    6. Time and the Rani
    7. Invasion of the Dinosaurs
    8. The Gunfighters
    9. The Invisible Enemy
    10. The Chase
  • From Script to Screen - Taking the first episode of The Chase from plot to screen
  • Model Makers - Getting the best out of 25mm metal miniatures

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“Nothing like a nice quiet night, eh, Ace?"

The Doctor, The Happiness Patrol

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