The 138th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of July 1988. This was the first issue to feature Ace's costume.

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  • 'Missing Episodes The Hunt Continues!' Richard Marson explores the BBC Archives and speaks to the head of the department Adam Lee, to discover if the classic series, among others, is being preserved for the benefit of future generations.
  • 'The Russell Report' - Gary visits the Dapol factory in Cheshire

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  • Archive Feature: TV: The Moonbase (retelling by episode, no credits but a Fact File by Andrew Pixley)
  • Flashback Feature: Season 14 which was the most experimental and innovative season to date. Doctor Who was reborn and refashioned in a form that sent die-hard fans scurrying behind the sofa.
  • Episode Guide Season 1: William Hartnell

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"We don't have time for any more tea parties ..."

The Doctor

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  • Andrew Pixley (co-editor of 'Time Screen') takes over the main Archive feature from this issue, which had a cover price of £1 (UK) and a cover photograph by Steve Cook.
  • Nick's View is a new, regular one-panel comic.
  • The Episode Guide that starts this issue is a one page table listing story title, production code, transmission dates, writer, director, number of episodes, episodes held in BBC Archives, availability as a novelisation (and author) and references to DWM features (namely Archive, Nostalgia and Flashback features).
  • Additional input from DWM 140 letters page gives corrections for the Episode Guide feature dates, which wrongly moves on transmission dates from Marco Polo. Also discussed was the overall titles chosen for the early serials.
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