The 128th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of September 1987.



  • What the Papers Said - David J. Howe takes a look through the newspaper coverage of Doctor Who during 1986

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  • Travelling Companions - Adric; the prickly Adric was a controversial companion, unpopular with many viewers. The difficult adolescent suffered from erratic characterisation, one moment bright and advanced, the next objectionable.
  • Return of the Rani - Kate O'Mara made her first appearance as the First Rani during Colin Baker's era, with great success. She returns to the series to film a Rani story for the new season and to take a break from Dynasty. She talks to Richard Marson about her career.

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Editor: Sheila Cranna
Assistant Editor: Penny Holme
Art Assistant: Gary Knight
Production: Alison Gill
Advertising: Donna Wickers
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner
Publisher: Stan Lee

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  • 'Off the Shelf' includes a Target Survey asking for readers favourite output from Target Books (a subsidiary of W.H. Allen & Co).
  • This issue was priced £1 (UK).