The 125th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of June 1987. This was the last cover to feature Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor before Sylvester McCoy's introduction in Time and the Rani.

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  • As Seen On TV! Over the years Doctor Who film crews have used many locations in the capital city. Some well known, some less identifiable. Here's a comprehensive guide to these locations and how they can be reached.

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Editor: Sheila Cranna
Assistant Editor: Penny Holme
Art Editor / Designer: Steve Cook
Art Assistant: Gary Knight
Production: Alison Gill
Advertising: Donna Wickers
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

Further information[edit | edit source]

  • Late news is the sad death of Patrick Troughton.
  • The Letters Page is re-titled 'You on Who' from a suggestion by twelve year old Jon Dunckley of Uxbridge, Middlesex. The TARDIS logo with a letterbox on one side is retained.
  • This issue saw a price rise to £1 (UK).
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