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The 124th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of May 1987. This issue was Sylvester McCoy's cover debut as the incoming Seventh Doctor. Despite the lack of a costume yet, McCoy is seen wearing his panama hat. It would become his own contribution to his Doctor's future look. This was the first issue of DWM to introduce a new Doctor since DWM 88 and the last until DWM 236 to do so. (It also eschewed the typical 'X IS the Doctor!' caption for the first time.)



Comic content[]


  • Archive Feature: TV: The Mind Robber (retelling by episode, no credits but a 'Fact File' by Richard Marson)
  • Season Thirteen Flashback: many followers of the series call the second Tom Baker season the greatest in the show's history, combining excellent writing, acting, direction and a consistently high standard. Richard Marson recalls Doctor Who's Thirteenth Season with contributions from those who were involved and fans.

Interviews / Profiles[]

  • Travelling Companions - Barbara Wright; an integral part of the first Doctor Who team, schoolteacher Barbara Wright combined vulnerability with a maturity and ability to cope with the Doctor.
  • Gerry Davis Interviewed - Gerry Davis, Doctor Who script editor for nearly two years in the mid sixties, liked strong science fiction tales with morals and monsters, and was co-founder of the infamous Cybermen. Richard Marson caught up with him at his London home.

A4 pin-ups[]


  • None

Reviews - Off the Shelf[]

Also featuring[]


Editor: Sheila Cranna
Assistant Editor: Penny Holme
Art Editor / Designer: Steve Cook
Production: Alison Gill
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

Additional details[]

  • Pick of the Penguin is the alternative winner for renaming the letters Page.
  • Forum is the first of an irregular series of controversial topics.
  • Welcome aboard the Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy!
  • This issue was priced 85p (UK) and the cover photograph was taken by Steve Cook from a publicity call for the Seventh Doctor.