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The 106th issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of November 1985. It was the last issue to have the title The Doctor Who Magazine. The following issue was branded simply Doctor Who Magazine, a title that remains to this day.

This issue is notable for featuring the results of a contest asking readers to write lyrics for a Doctor Who theme song. One of the winners, whose lyrics were published in this issue, was fan Chris Chibnall who would go on to write for both Doctor Who and Torchwood and, in January 2016, be appointed Steven Moffat's successor as showrunner of Doctor Who.



  • Alien Worlds: Part One - in part one of our exploration of alien worlds in Doctor Who, Richard Marson considers the many exciting and thought-provoking stories that have emerged from the background of new and unexplored worlds.
  • The Villains Of The Seventies; as a sequel to issue 104's exposé of Doctor Who villains of the Sixties, Patrick Mulkern samples villainy of Seventies vintage, in the guise of the many colourful characters Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker had to contend with.

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Editor: Cefn Ridout
Assistant Editor: Penny Home
Designer: Jane Hindmarsh
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

Additional details[]

  • Song Writing Competition results
  • Priced 75p. (UK) This issue's cover photograph is from TV: The Mutants.