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=== A4 pin-up ===
=== A4 pin-up ===
* [[Sixth Doctor|The Sixth Doctor]] from [[TV]]:''[[Attack of the Cybermen]]''
* [[Sixth Doctor|The Sixth Doctor]] from [[TV]]: ''[[Attack of the Cybermen]]''
* [[Tractator]] from [[TV]]:''[[Frontios (TV story)|Frontios]]''
* [[Tractator]] from [[TV]]: ''[[Frontios (TV story)|Frontios]]''
* [[Terileptil]] from [[TV]]:''[[The Visitation]]''
* [[Terileptil]] from [[TV]]: ''[[The Visitation]]''
=== Additional features ===
=== Additional features ===

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The 101st issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a cover date of June 1985.



  • Retrospective - Gary Russell looks at the plusses and pitfalls of The Two Doctors and The Mark of the Rani's investigation into Doctor Who's mythos.
  • Disco Doctor? - Take the following ingredients: the threatened demise of an undeniably popular television programme; a collective of concerned pop personalities; a small record production crew working under pressure and one night in March. A recipe for Doctor in Distress, a behind the scenes report on the making of a protest record (includes lyrics).

Comic content


  • none


Interviews / Profiles


  • None

Reviews (including On Target)

A4 pin-up

Additional features


Editor: Cefn Ridout
Assistant Editor: Roger P. Birchall
Designer: Jane Hindmarsh
Publisher: Stan Lee
Advisor: John Nathan-Turner

Additional details

  • Additional Input Letters Page (From DWM 103): Christopher Crouch of BBC Enterprises writes to disagree with the Gallifrey Guardian report. Los Angeles on station K.C.E.T. has been showing Doctor Who for several months.
  • A regular Readers' Art page is announced in the editorial (as well as the price increase).
  • Gallifrey Guardian goes global with John Peel reporting from the United States.
  • Priced 75p (UK). This issue's cover photograph is from TV: Vengeance on Varos.
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