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The 10th issue of Doctor Who Weekly had a cover date of 19 December 1979. The cover is somewhat notable, as the image of Davros was flipped to ensure he faced inwards, leaving him with a normal left hand, where it should have been the right. Further down, the cover misspells the word "revolution", sporting "revolutution" in its stead.



  • The Monsters of Doctor Who: Davros

Comic content[]

Writers: Wagner + Mills
Art: Dave Gibbons
Editor: Dez Skinn


Interviews / Profiles[]

A4 pin-ups[]

Additional features[]

  • A Letter from the Doctor
  • Crazy Caption Competition (£5 to be won)
  • Competition: Word search (For 1 of 100 Doctor Who 1980 Annuals)
  • Who Cares! (Letters Page)

Additional details[]

  • The cover photograph is from TV: Genesis of the Daleks
  • The cover photo was reversed for design reasons. Convention has it that images never face outwards apparently.
  • Published every Thursday, this issue had a cover price of 12p (UK).
  • There is an obvious misspelling on the cover: "The French Revolutution".
  • As recounted in DWM 500, one of the letters to the editor was written by future companion actor Matthew Waterhouse.