A mock-up of the potential first issue of Doctor Who Weekly was presented to the BBC by Dez Skinn. Since becoming a notable piece of Doctor Who history, Skinn has often brought the issue to conventions and has allowed limited-edition recreations to be sold. Technically a pilot issue, Skinn has stated that the magazine could be considered issue 0.[source needed] Although the cover is considered to be more aesthetically appealing than the finalised version,[by whom?] Skinn has often followed this up with the question "how can you possibly launch such a title without including Daleks on the cover?"[source needed]

The issue featured mock-ups of several elements of what would appear in the following issues, including a letter from the Doctor and a fake comic (in actuality a thinly disguised Dan Dare comic) illustrated by Dave Gibbons.[source needed]

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The contents of the magazine were meant to present merely the potential of a finalised version; thus while many of the same ideas are included, they are mainly unfinished. Most of the "articles" and "comics" are in fact built out of a combination of recycled work from other publishers alongside promotional images from the show. The only truly original material is the illustrations of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, all created by Dave Gibbons.[source needed]

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  • On The Set With Dr. Who

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  • Servant of Evil: Death in Space - Part one
Art: Dave Gibbons
Editor: Dez Skinn

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  • The Monsters of Doctor Who Part One: The Grolids

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  • A Letter from the Doctor
  • Caption Competition (£2 to be won)

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