The Doctor Who Magazine Winter Special 1983/84 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

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Editor: Alan McKenzie
Assistant Editor: Roger P. Birchall
Contributing Editor: Jeremy Bentham
Design: Rahid Khan
Production: Tim Hampson & Alison Gill
Production Assistant: Jeanette M. Sweetland
Distribution: Comag
Financial Controller: Robert W. Sutherland
Advertising: Sally Benson
Publisher: Stan Lee
Adviser: John Nathan-Turner

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  • This seventh Special saw a return to all-new material, this time by way of celebrating the series' twentieth anniversary. There was a Producer theme to the contents, which contained interviews with all the series producers.
  • Once again this was an irregular, large sized issue. It was printed in December 1983 and had a cover price of 95p (UK).
  • The cover featured an assortment of images including: the Fifth Doctor and Kamelion from The King's Demons; the Garm from Terminus; an astronaut from The Ambassadors of Death; a Silurian from Doctor Who and the Silurians; and Davros from Genesis of the Daleks
  • This issue's indicia represents this issue as merely Doctor Who Monthly. However, on both the cover and the interior title, this issue is called Doctor Who Winter Special 1983/84.
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