The Doctor Who Magazine Winter Special 1981 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

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  • B&W Peter Davison

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  • Additional Input: Matrix Data Bank (From DWM Issues 64) Regarding the list of Episodes held in the Archives, Wheel in Space (6) does exist but The Invasion (4) doesn't.
  • Holiday Specials were traditionally bumper sized comics/magazines from the publishers of regular titles. They were produced twice yearly and were generally released around Summer and Autumn, in time for the school summer holidays and the Christmas holiday period.
  • This third Special is the first of the Marvel specials to offer all-new material.
  • This Special offered the concluding half of the comic strip story "Skywatch-7" which appeared in DWM 58. The creative team on the strip had missed their deadline and no space was available in the main magazine by the time they had finished it. The most expeditious option was to print the conclusion in this issue.
  • This standard-sized magazine was printed in November 1981 and had a cover price of 45p (UK). The cover images features The Fourth Doctor, Adric and a Zygon from Terror of the Zygons.
  • The indicia title for this issue was Doctor Who Special.
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