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The Dalek Chronicles: A Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special was the official title of the Marvel UK reprint of TV Century 21's 104-part comic epic, The Daleks. The reprinting tried to remain faithful to the original by prefacing the strips with what appeared to be a newspaper ripped from the 21st century. The comics themselves were thus the "stories behind the headlines".

Although Doctor Who Magazine had printed occasional segments of The Daleks from its very earliest issues, this magazine was the first occasion on which the entire TV Century 21 run had been reprinted.

The work is often considered a stand-alone graphic novel. However, unlike The Age of Chaos, Dalek Chronicles is, by indicia if not by common wisdom, the second DWM "Summer Special" of 1994.

Short stories[]

Comic content[]

These stories have slightly different names in this collection than they receive in other publications. Their name is listed here as it is seen in this issue's table of contents.

Cover Art[]

Credits for Marvel UK[]

Editor: Gary Russell
Assistant Editors: Marcus Hearn & Warwick Gray
Designer: Gary Gilbert
Production: Julie Pickering & Mark Irvine
Front Cover: Ron Turner
Special Thanks: Bruce Campbell & Andrew Pixley

Original TV Century 21 story credits[]

Written by: Terry Nation (credited for copyright), David Whitaker (actual author of all stories), with help from Alan Fennell ("Genesis of Evil" only)
Artists: Richard Jennings and Ron Turner ("The Archives of Phryne" by Eric Eden)

Please see the individual stories' articles for a more precise allocation of credit.