The Doctor Who Magazine Tenth Anniversary Special celebrated the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who Magazine.

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Editor/Designer: John Freeman
Paste-Up: Jacqui Papp
Production: Julie Speller
Advertising: Julie Hughes
Adviser: John Nathan-Turner
Magazine Group editor: Sheila Cranna
Inspiration: Dez Skinn
Writers this Issue: Jeremy Bentham, David Howe, Peter Anghelides, Justin Richards, Andrew Pixley, Dominic May, David Auger, Adrian Rigelsford, Paul Travers and Tim Hunter.

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The New Daleks redesign by Cusick

  • "The New Daleks" article about Raymond Cusick included a full page new design for the Daleks for the 1990s. These redesigned Dalek casings were only used in one story to date, the 1989 video game Dalek Attack.
  • This sixteenth Special from Marvel comics was a regular sized, perfect bound issue with a thicker cover and better quality paper, printed in October 1989. with a cover price of £2.50 (UK).
  • The cover showed a variation using the same stock photo of Tom Baker posing with a Dalek, as used on the cover of DWM 1.
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