The Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special 1991 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

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  • 'Down Your Way?' A guide to location filming by Gary Russell
  • 'Doctor Where!' A look at location work by John Nathan-Turner
  • 'The Hunting Season' A look at finding locations by Gary Downie
  • 'Location Guide: Wales and North West'
    (From DWM 153)
  • 'Location Guide: East and Midlands'
    (From DWM 156)
  • 'Location Guide: The South East'
    (From DWM 159)
  • 'Location Guide: South West'
    (From DWM 151)
  • 'Location Guide: London'
    (From DWM 168)
  • 'The Doctor Abroad'
    (From DWM 165)

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  • Into the Vortex
  • 10% discount voucher to Forbidden Planet Shop and Longleat Exhibition.

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  • This special included what was at the time, as the preface put it, "perhaps the most complete guide to Doctor Who locations ever published."
  • Returning to a bumper comic format, this special was staple bound with a new cover by Lee Sullivan and priced £2.25 (UK).
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