The Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special 1983 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

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Comic content[edit | edit source]

(Reprinted from DWM Issues 58-59)
(Reprinted from DWM Issues 17-22)

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Linking narrative with new illustrations

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Editor: Alan McKenzie
Design: Jimmy Ross & Steve O'Leary
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Production: Tim Hampson & Nigel Balloch
Advertising: SH Space sales
Distribution: Comag
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details[edit | edit source]

  • Holiday Specials were traditionally bumper-sized comics/magazines from the publishers of regular titles. They were produced twice yearly and were generally released around Summer and Autumn, in time for the school summer holidays and the Christmas holiday period.
  • This sixth Special saw a return to reprinting material from the regular Doctor Who Magazine title, albeit with a new cover illustration and presented by way of a linked narrative by Alan McKenzie
  • This standard-sized publication was printed in June 1983 and had a cover price of 60p (UK).
  • The artwork was by Steve Dillon and Steve O'Leary and featured an all-new cover showing the Fifth Doctor alongside Abslom Daak fighting the Daleks, even though the two characters never met (well not for many years yet to come!)
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