The Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special 1981 was published by Marvel Comics UK.



  • "Inside the TARDIS" by Jeremy Bentham (Reprinted from DWM 15-16)
  • "The Monsters of Doctor Who: The Zygons" (Reprinted from DWM 9)
  • "Articles of Fear" (Reprinted from DWM 48)
  • "The Companions of Doctor Who" (Reprinted from DWM 49)
  • "The UNIT File" (Reprinted from DWM Issues 22-23)

Comic content[]


  • None


  • None

Interviews / Profiles[]

(Reprinted from DWM 51)


  • None


  • None

A4 pin-ups[]

Additional features[]

  • None


Editor: Alan McKenzie
Design: Diverse Hands
Consultant: Jeremy Bentham
Advertising: SH Space sales
Colour: Cheamworth Ltd.
Distribution: Comag

Additional details[]

  • With a cover heading of “A Marvel Summer Special: The Very Best of Doctor Who”, this second Summer Special offered no new material. Its contents had already appeared in the pages of the parent magazine.
  • Iit was unusual for the Holiday Special titles not to offer something new, and it was some holiday issues later that new material began to appear. Indeed one Special offered the concluding half of a comic strip story to capture new and regular readers.
  • While the Summer 1980 special relied on the reprinting and compilation of comic strip stories, this issue was more prose oriented.
  • This standard sized magazine was printed in June 1981 and had a cover price of 45p (UK). The cover images are from Warriors' Gate, Full Circle and Nightmare of Eden.
  • The indicia title was Doctor Who Special.