The Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special 1980 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

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  • "The Monsters of Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks" by B. Aldrich and G. Blows (reprinted from DWM 1)
  • "The Monsters of Doctor Who: The Cybermen" by Gordon Blows (reprinted from DWM 2)

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  • With a cover heading of "Doctor Who Summer Special: The Best of Doctor Who Weekly", this first Summer Special offered no new material except for a cover by Dave Gibbons. Its material had all been seen before in the pages of the parent magazine.
  • This was the first of many reprintings of the popular comic strip compilation of "The Iron Legion", Marvel Comics' first Doctor Who comic strip story. Unlike most subsequent "reprintings" — including the one in the 1985 Summer Special — this one was al monochromatic reprint rather than a colourized adaptation.
  • This standard sized magazine was printed in June 1980 and had a cover price of 40p (UK)
  • This issue had the indicia title of Dr Who Special.
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