The 1992 Doctor Who Holiday Special special issue concentrated on Sarah Jane Smith, both solo and with K9 Mark III.

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  • 'The Roving Reporter' - Kevin W. Parker. Sarah's "unauthorised biographer" takes a look at the life of Sarah Jane Smith from a Doctor Who universe perspective. (See Other information.)
  • Not On TV - John Ainsworth presents a list of Sarah Jane Smith's appearances in comics, Doctor Who annuals and the K9 Annual.
  • Sarah's Scrapbook - Newspaper articles by Sarah Jane and others, from a Whoniverse perspective.

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With production notes and credits by Andrew Pixley

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  • The cover artwork for this issue by Piers McAllister was given away as a free poster stapled in the middle.

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Thanks this issue to: Elisabeth Sladen, Claire Jones, Nicholas Courtney, CMS In-Vision, Bobbi Mitchell, David Howe, Mike Conroy, David Gibbes-Auger, Martin Wiggins and Neil Corry.

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  • "Holiday" in British comic publishing terms means "summer", as in the phrase "school holiday" or "summer holiday". Hence, this issue is often colloquially called the "1992 Summer Special".
  • This special was staple bound with new cover artwork (and poster), priced £2.50 (UK).
  • "The Roving Reporter" sticks to the chronology established in a previous UNIT Special, and established Sarah Jane Smith's birth date as 1955 and the "UNIT Era" as happening in the near future, with Terror of the Zygons happening in 1980. The short stories included in the Special adhere to this timeline. However The Sarah Jane Adventures story Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? contradicts this. The article also apparently makes reference to the G.I. Joe universe, saying that Sarah Jane helped to uncover Cobra cells.
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