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The Doctor Who Magazine Autumn Special 1987 was published by Marvel Comics UK. Issue researched and written by Patrick Mulkern



  • 'Designs on Who' (A look at set design)
  • 'K9'
  • 'TARDIS'
  • 'Title Tattle' (A look at title sequences with thanks to Oliver Elmes
  • 'Six of the Best-A Time Lords Wardrobe' (A look at costume design)
  • 'Behind the Scenes with Raymond Cusick' ( Designer)
  • 'Designer Daleks'
  • 'Special Video Effects' (With thanks to Dave Chapman)
  • 'Design Checklist' (Set design, effects and costume credits)

Comic content[]

  • None

Interviews / Profiles[]


  • None

A4 pin-ups[]


Editor: Sheila Cranna
Assistant Editor: Penny Holme
Art Assistant: Gary Knight
Production: Alison Gill
Adviser: John Nathan-Turner
Publisher: Stan Lee

Additional details[]

  • This is the only special issue to be explicitly called an "Autumn Special".
  • This fourteenth Special from Marvel comics was a design themed, regular sized, perfect bound issue. with a thicker cover and better quality paper quality. it was printed in September 1985 and had a cover price of £1.95 (UK).
  • Text was written and researched by Patrick Mulkern, with an extended thanks to the Doctor Who Production Department.
  • The cover used showed the Seventh Doctor from TV: Dragonfire.