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The sixth issue of Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition had a cover date of 31 December 2003. It used a modified version of the series logo in commemoration of the show's fortieth anniversary.


Reflecting fan favourites from a recent survey of 2,800 polling forms submitted by Doctor Who Magazine readers, the introduction states that for the 40th anniversary celebratory issue the publishers wanted to celebrate not just the television stories but also to honour the books, the comic strips, the audio adventures... everything!

  • Introduction
  • We Love TV Stories (1-50)
1 The Caves of Androzani
2 The Talons of Weng-Chiang
3 Genesis of the Daleks
  • We Love Audio Dramas (1-10)
1 The Chimes of Midnight
2 The Holy Terror
3 Spare Parts
  • We Love Books
  • Top 10 original Fiction Books
1 Human Nature
2 Alien Bodies
3 Timewyrm: Exodus
  • Top 10 Non-fiction Books
1 Doctor Who: The Sixties
2 Doctor Who: The Seventies
3 Doctor Who: The Television Companion
  • Top 10 Target Novelisations
1 Dr Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks
2 Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks
3 Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
  • We Love Comic Strips (Top 10)
1 The Tides of Time
2 Children of the Revolution
3 Voyager (The Voyager/ Polly The Glot / Once Upon a Time Lord)
  • We Love Writers (Top 20)
1 Robert Holmes
2 Terrance Dicks
3 David Whitaker
  • The DWM Hall of Fame
John Nathan-Turner Producer of Doctor Who 1981 - 1989
  • The Plastic Daffodil Award –least favourite things
1 Michael Grade
2 The Myrka
3 The Sixth Doctor's costume
  • Greatest Contribution Award (Top 20)
1 Tom Baker Actor, the Fourth Doctor 1974 - 1981
2 Terrance Dicks Writer, script editor and novelist
3 William Hartnell Actor, the First Doctor 1963 -1966
  • 40 Years of Doctor Who
A poem by Vanessa Bishop


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Additional details[]

  • This was the sixth in a series of quarterly specials given over to a specific Who-related theme.
  • This standard sized, bound magazine was printed in November 2003 and had a cover price of £4.99 (UK).
  • This issue had the indicia title of Doctor Who Special Edition #6 - We Love Doctor Who.