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The fifth issue of Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition had a cover date of 3 September 2003.



In May 1996, after seven long years, the Doctor was back on BBC1 – for one night only....

1990-1996: Doctor Who's Wilderness Years[]

Andrew Pixley relates the epic story of a request, a rebirth, a romance, and, erm, some shoes. It all begins on the planet Skaro, where the Doctor's old enemy, the Master, was finally put on trial ...
  • 1990 Cancellation Crises & Conventions
  • 1991 Burton & Books
  • 1992 Repeats & Recolourisations
  • 1993 Dark Dimensions & Documentaries
  • 1994 Sontarans & Susan
  • 1995 Downtime & Dalekmania
  • 1996 McGann & Merchandising

The DWM Archive[]

In Production

Further Adventures[]


Return of the Mack by Dave Owen


Hallo Spaceboy by Matt Michael


A Design for Life by Stuart Duncan


reprinted for the first time the welcome letter from the then editor of DWM to the just-cast actor to play the Eighth Doctor. First printed in The Independent (UK newspaper) on Thursday 11th January 1996.


Additional details[]

  • This was the fifth in a series of quarterly specials given over to a specific Who-related theme.
  • Andrew Pixley had, over many years provided a focussed exploration of ALL the individual TV stories in a long-running feature in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. The special edition guides to each of the Doctors enabled the original features to be updated.
  • Included for every story was the original Doctor Who Magazine Archive issue reference, commissioning dates, production dates, Radio Times coverage notes, supplementary background information and a short reflective article by leading writers.
  • This standard sized, bound magazine was printed in September 2003 and had a cover price of £4.99 (UK).
  • This issue had the indicia title of Doctor Who Special Edition #5 The Complete Eighth Doctor.