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* Managing Editor: [[Alan O'Keefe]]
* Managing Editor: [[Alan O'Keefe]]
* Managing Director: [[Mike Riddell]]
* Managing Director: [[Mike Riddell]]
* Special Thanks to: [[Steven MoffatJonathan Rigby]]
* Special Thanks to: [[Jonathan Rigby]]
== Additional details ==
== Additional details ==

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This was the 39th issue in a quarterly series of magazine releases by the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine from Panini UK. This issue looked over the production year of 2014.

Publisher's summary

"You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is ... I don't know."

The adventure in space and time entered a new era with the arrival of Peter Capaldi. Exactly who was the new Doctor, and where would he lead the programme? Over the course of 12 remarkable episodes, Doctor Who rekindled the central mystery that made it compelling viewing when it first began. This is the story of Capaldi's first series, along with all the highlights and notable events from the year in Doctor Who


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Additional details

  • This 100 page Special Edition of the Magazine was the first in a proposed series of Yearbooks and cost £5.99 (UK)
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