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This was the 37th issue in a quarterly series of magazine releases by the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine from Panini UK.

Publisher's summary[]

Doctor Who - The Official Guide to the 2013 Series

"Remember this. Remember this right now, all of it. Because this is the day. This is the Day. This is the day everything begins!"

Your complete guide to the award winning BBC Series!

Written and researched by Andrew Pixley.

Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of nine amazing adventures: The Snowmen, The Bells of Saint John, The Rings of Akhaten, Cold War, Hide, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Crimson Horror, Nightmare in Silver and The Name of the Doctor.


Episode guide[]

Each episode feature includes; defining scene, production notes, commentary, draft scripts, shooting scripts, editing, design sketches, continuity, connections, full cast and crew credits, interspersed with related infoboxes throughout, Radio Times coverage.

Series credits[]

  • Full credits for the episodes from the nine stories of Series 7 part 2.


Additonal details[]

  • This magazine and had a cover price of £6.99 (UK) / $13.99 (US)
  • This issue is very much an episode guide without accompanying full-length additional feature articles.