DWMSE 32 was the third and final volume in a mini-series within Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition that investigated the production of The Sarah Jane Adventures. This issue dealt with series 5 and the plans that never came to fruition because of the untimely death of Elisabeth Sladen. It was released on 16 August 2012.

Publisher's summary[]

The ultimate guide to the exploits of the Doctor's most enduring companion in her own spin-off series – The Sarah Jane Adventures!

  • Full production guides for the three Series Five SJA stories
  • Details of the storylines for the unmade Series Five adventures
  • Further plots and ideas for the stories that never were
  • The full transcript of a 1993 interview with Elisabeth Sladen


Episode Guide[]

(Each episode is given a synopsis, production details, broadcast and ratings details, full cast and crew credits, fact file, Radio Times coverage, script snippets and connections)

Series Five[]

Unmade stories
  • 5.7 /5.8 Meet Mr Smith (full synopsis)
  • 5.9 / 5.10 The Thirteenth Floor (partial synopsis of opening scenes only, with Russell T Davies indicating that the storyline is to be reused for an episode of Wizards vs Aliens and so could not be revealed)
  • 5.11 / 5.12 The Battle for Bannerman Road (general description only, as the episode had not yet reached the outline/storyline stage at the time of Sladen's death)

The Untold Stories[]

Elisabeth Sladen[]


Additional details[]

  • This was the thirty-second in a series of quarterly specials given over to a specific Who-related theme.
  • The cover proclaimed this publication as “The official guide to The Sarah Jane Adventures” with outlines to the unmade stories and contributions from head writer Russell T Davies.
  • Researcher Andrew Pixley respectfully dedicates this overview of the stories to the memory of Elisabeth Sladen in gratitude for four decades of her wonderful adventures in space and time.
  • This standard sized, bound magazine was printed in August 2012 and had a cover price of £4.99. (UK) It was published in North America on 12 September 2012 with a cover price of $12.99 (US).
  • This issue had the indicia title of Doctor Who Special Edition #32 – The Sarah Jane Companion: Volume Three.