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The third issue of Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition had a cover date of 22 January 2003.



Never judge a book by its cover ... and that goes for the Sixth Doctor, too!

Season 21[]

In Production

The Stories

I Am What I Am by Mark Gatiss
Originally Archived in DWM 270

Season 22[]

In Production

The Stories

Grimly Fiendish by Jonathan Morris
Originally Archived in DWM 207
Welcome to the Pleasuredome by Paul Cornell
Originally Archived in DWM 309
Life in a Northern Town by Lance Parkin
Originally Archived in DWM 217
The Heat is On by Robert Shearman
Originally Archived in DWM 195
Money's Too Tight To Mention by Philip MacDonald
Originally Archived in DWM 231
A View to a Kill by Justin Richards
Originally Archived in DWM 188

Season 23[]

In Production

The Stories

Underground by Gareth Roberts
Originally Archived in DWM 289
My Favourite Waste of Time by Alan Barnes
Originally Archived in DWM 249
You Keep me Hangin' On by Gary Russell
Originally Archived in DWM 323
Every Loser Wins by Gary Gillatt
Originally Archived in DWM Winter Special 1992

Further Adventures[]


Big Mouth Strikes Again by Dave Owen


Holding Out for a Hero by Matt Michael


The Neverending Story by John Ainsworth


  • “I have never once regretted my involvement with Doctor Who ...” – Colin Baker


Additional details[]

  • This was the third in a series of quarterly specials given over to a specific Who-related theme.
  • Andrew Pixley had, over many years provided a focussed exploration of ALL the individual TV stories in a long-running feature in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. The special edition guides to each of the Doctors enabled the original features to be updated.
  • Included for every story was the original Doctor Who Magazine archive issue reference, commissioning dates, production dates, Radio Times coverage notes, supplementary background information and a short reflective article by leading writers.
  • This standard sized, bound magazine was printed in January 2003 and had a cover price of £3.99 (UK).
  • This issue had the indicia title of Doctor Who Special Edition #3 The Complete Sixth Doctor.
  • Unproduced stories such as Attack from the Mind and Circus of Destiny were also discussed.