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DWMSE 28 was second of three issues of Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition which explored the production history of The Sarah Jane Adventures. It covered series 3 and 4. Because of the paucity of publicly available production information about SJA it remains, as of April 2022, the definitive reference work about the making of that programme's third and fourth years.

Publisher's summary[]

The ultimate guide to the adventures of the Doctor's most enduring companion!

Written and researched by Andrew Pixley.

Sarah Jane Smith – journalist, mother and friend of the Doctor's! Over the last few years, Sarah Jane has been responsible for saving the Earth on countless occasions. With the help of her robot dog K9, her computer Mr Smith, her son Luke, and her young friends Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra, she's faced a multitude of menaces including Judoon, Shansheeth, Slitheen, the Trickster ... even the Mona Lisa! And twice recently, she was visited by the last of the Time Lords, in remarkable adventures that would test her courage to the limit.

Now, Doctor Who Magazine takes you behind the scenes of The Sarah Jane Adventures with an in-depth episode guide – including original storylines, deleted scenes, media appearances, ratings information and thousands of facts about the day-to-day life of the making of the award-winning programme - all illustrated with gorgeous, never-before-seen photographs. This collector's edition examines Prisoner of the Judoon, The Mad Woman in the Attic, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, The Eternity Trap, Mona Lisa's Revenge, The Gift, The Nightmare Man, The Vault of Secrets, Death of the Doctor, The Empty Planet, Lost in Time and Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, as well as The Alien Files, the specially-made trailers and more!

Get ready to discover a whole universe of adventure – right here on your doorstep!


Episode Guide[]

(Each episode is given a synopsis, production details, broadcast and ratings details, full cast and crew credits, fact file, Radio Times coverage, script snippets and connections)

Series Three[]

Series Four[]


Additional details[]

  • This was the twenty-eighth in a series of quarterly specials given over to a specific Who-related theme.
  • This standard sized, bound magazine was printed on 20 April 2010 and had a cover price of £6.99. (UK)
  • This issue had the indicia title of Doctor Who Special Edition #28 – The Sarah Jane Companion: Volume Two.


"Just as it was for everybody else, it was a massive, massive shock on Tuesday evening, when I heard the news of Elisabeth Sladen's passing. It scarcely seemed possible. It was sadly ironic that we'd just received copies of the latest DWM Special in the office that morning; this one focusing on The Sarah Jane Adventures. I was greatly looking forward to seeing Lis' reaction to the magazine. She was always so kind in complimenting the work we put into the mag – but in truth we could never do any of it without the huge support of the people who make the programmes. Elisabeth was more generous than anyone in offering up her time for interviews."

- Tom Spilsbury editor of DWM on the sad passing of Elisabeth Sladen